Yesterday the 15th annual Final Round fighting game tournament wrapped up. It was 3 days of all things fighting games fans would appreciate, great action, great atmosphere and the camaraderie. I wasn’t there, but you can tell from the 2-3 streams set up to broadcast this tournament to the masses. The competitive fighting game community is a growing one, one that gives so many people an opportunity to shine and show off how good they really are. I’m going to be honest, I haven’t sat down and watched a full competitive gaming tournament since the days of the Championship Gaming Series. Since then, there have been other attempts to get people to watch these type of events, but they never seem to target the right audience. To be honest, its a niche audience, which brings me back to Final Round. There were about 3 streams that covered many fighting games. We’re talking everything from the popular games like Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition to the not so known games like Melty Blood. Other games you found there were Mortal Kombat 9, BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend, 3rd Strike, Soul Calibur V and King Of Fighters XIII.

After watching three days of this tournament, it lit a small fire under my bum to hit the sticks and attempt to become as good as the players I saw on these streams. By the way, a quick shout out to Team Sp00ky and FunkyP for streaming this event on They both did a hell of a job to bring us all of the action from these events. I appreciate all the work put in to travel out and bring the people these type of events. You guys should definitely check these guys streams out whenever you can and support the growing community! Okay, back to Final Round once again, this years event was packed full of action across the board, but I have to say the singles bracket for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 was the most entertaining to watch. The matches broadcasted were absolutely insane when it got to the top 16 and eventually the Top 8. The one person who stood out the most was the Japanese Player who won the Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 tournament named FRB Ageo Joe or as most people call him, Kusoru. His team of Frank West, Viewtiful Joe and Rocket Raccoon took first place in the Grand Finals for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.

The video above isn’t the grand finals, but it shows you how crazy this guy is and how the most unlikely of characters are put to good use (if your good enough) to win matches. All in all, the event was great, a lot of action and I have to say….I’m a fan. Never in my life have I seen sooo many upsets and comebacks that made me root for the underdog. It kept me glued to my monitor and I think, more people who start watching these events. You can go to Twitch TV and check out all of the streams through this link. Also, I have to once again mention support for Team Sp00ky and FunkyP, do it so these guys can continue to spread the word and the excitement of competitive fighting game tournaments like Final Round! Now excuse me, I need to find a training partner and a copy of Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition. For full results from Final Round XV you can find them here.


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