The past 2 months have been pretty busy for the guys at Epic Games, they’ve released 2 DLC packs and they’re working on the “Twelve Days Of Gearsmas”. How do you add on to all of that stuff, announce your also working on a third DLC pack for Gears 3. This one named Fenix Rising and will featured a new experience system that will allow you to “ReUp” or what call of duty players call it, “prestige”. It will comes with new skins, maps and more. The 5 new maps you get with the DLC are from specific points in the campaign. Here is the list of maps you’ll get:

Academy: Military officers are deeply rooted in the Fenix family, but the Academy has been lost to the invasion of the Locust Horde.
Anvil: Once a mighty fortress protected by impenetrable walls and cannons, Anvil Gate is now a shell of its former self.
Depths: This underwater processing center screams opulence, but the splendor of its veneer is marred by dark dangers.
Escalation: The ruined Fenix family home of Haldane Hall, its beauty was destroyed in a dastardly kidnapping attempt.
The Slab: Jacinto Maximum Security Prison, aka “The Slab”, is a nightmare of a location. Brutal inmates and the Locust make life expectancy incredibly short.

Along with those maps you will get these character skins:


Recruit Clayton

Thrashball Cole (Limited Edition)



Savage Marauder

Savage Kantus (Limited Edition)



January 17th the DLC will become available , it will run you 800 Microsoft Points unless you have the Season Pass for Gears Of War 3 which gives you access to all present and future DLC,  that runs you 2400 Microsoft Points.

Source – Game Rant


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