The guys over at VG24/7 posted a video along with a long article explaining the Multiplay mode in Far Cry 3. The video shows off a mode that looks like domination in Call of Duty, where you and your teammates have to capture and defend three points on the map. While showing off the multi-player, they also show some of the different features you’ll encounter while playing the mode. This includes explosives that set off an orange haze that disorient you and your enemies. Here is some other things they point out:

– As part of Ubisoft’s “companion gaming” initiative, a Far Cry 3 themed iOS app is in development that will help unlock weapons, items and skills for use in multiplayer.
– Multiplayer’s currency is Team Support Points, earned by reviving teammates, capturing bases and performing the Battle Cry skill. TSP will allow powerful weapons to be activated providing a buff to allies or debuffing the opposing team.
– Ubisoft is promoting “silent communication” for Far Cry 3’s multiplayer; the ability to tag nodes, allies or enemies to send context-sensitive messages to teammates.
– A more powerful and flexible version of Far Cry 2’s map editor will feature

The video looks fun and it’s garnered a little attention from me. Far Cry 3 releases on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on September 4th and September 6th in the Europe.

Source – VG24/7


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