Lonesome Roads is the 4th downloadable story announced for Fallout: New Vegas, for a while it didn’t have a release date. Today the drought is over, Bethesda announced that Lonesome Roads will arrive via Xbox Live, Playstation Network and Steam on September 20th. Lonesome Roads won’t be alone, because Bethesda wants to hook you people up with more weapons and clothes and stuff! On September 27th, two downloadable Packs will become available to download in the form of “Couriers Stash” and “Gun Runners’ Arsenal”. Couriers Stash gives you a bunch of content that was only available through pre-order, this includes The Caravan Pack, Classic Pack, Mercenary Pack and Tribal Pack and will run you 160 MS Points or 1.99 on PSN. Gun Runners’ Arsenal adds more weapons and mods to your games, spice it up a little bit, this pack will run you 320 MS Points or 3.99 on PSN and Steam.


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