Mass Effect 3 was released to the masses last month, and with that release came “controversy” when loyal fans of the series finished the game. I myself stayed away from even posting about the reaction to the ending because I wanted to avoid possibly spoiling things for those who read this site and haven’t played the game yet. Well, it seems we’ve come to that point where I give in and finally post something on the situation. It was announced today that EA BioWare will be releasing the “Extended Cut” DLC for Mass Effect 3 which will possibly offer some clarity to the original ending. The best part about this DLC, it’s going to be FREE until April 12, 2014.

I’m going to download this for the simple fact that it’s DLC for Mass Effect 3, but I also don’t agree with the decision to pound away extra hours for those who didn’t fully understand or like the ending. There have been so many Television Shows, Movies and Video Games with BAD or UNDERWHELMING endings and I didn’t see fans flood MetaCritic or contact the FTC or hell, even start a petition to CHANGE the ending. At the same time, I understand the need to have this DLC come out and explain the other plot holes that need to be filled. Anyways, the DLC is set to hit Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC this summer.

Source – Joystiq


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