Still waiting for that invite? I know… me too. In fact I don’t even want it! (No seriously, I do) Anyways, below we have a 9-minute walkthrough for a higher level Operation deemed Eternity Vault. It certainly looks like you’ll need your team at the top of their game for this one seeing as this is just a sliver of a much bigger fight. As we edge closer to a release date (hopefully), tune in here for more info as it comes in. But for now, watch as the Empire’s forces make their way through the snowy tundra in hopes of securing the ancient prison and the powerful secrets within it.

If that got you excited and why wouldn’t it, you may be lucky enough to be chosen to participate in the weekend beta testing occurring just next month (September). So until then, settle down and relax. Okay? Perfect, now prepare to  frantically check your email until you see that “1” in your inbox.


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