The Gears Viking, Rod Ferguson took to a live stream yesterday to discuss future plans for DLC and Events Epic will possibly execute in the long run. During this stream, questions from fans were asked about the new DLC released (Horde Command Pack) and other major things that he just did not respond to. However, he did let us in on some of the events you will see take place.

Torquebow tag – users won’t be able to use shotgun or lancers like in Gears 2.
Shotgun only event – gnashers everywhere.
Hordemode weekends where the default difficulty or creatures will be changed.
Halloween-themed event

Other than those event ideas, he talked about the next DLC that Gears of War 3 will get. It will be campaign focused and will feature a cast of entirely new characters. That add-on will hit consoles sometime in December. Another thing talked about were gameplay tweaks to the Sawed Off Shotgun and other gameplay issues people had with the game. This was met by the typical “We hear you” answer and won’t be a focus with the game only being out for 2 weeks. Overall, it seems that Epic has some of those issues covered and will be fixing them or addressing them sooner or later.

Source – Game Rant


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