Nintendos conference just wrapped up about 15 minutes ago and left a semi bad taste in the mouth of gamers who were watching, atleast the non nintendo fanboys. The only bright spots of this conference was the new Metroid game and the new Mario Galaxy (depending on if you still want to see Mario around). They did announce other games for the wii console, some we already know about with Wii Sports Resort and Dead Space Extraction just to name a few, they also hit us with Metroid, which to me, was a shocker. Maybe i’ve just been living under a rock. The conference overall, like I said at the beginning, left a bad taste and more to be desired from Nintendo. Overall Grade: F We want to see more games and less powerpoints.

P.S. I also didn’t see the full thing so if someone can kinda fill in the blanks for me that would be cool.


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