“Dual-wielding a deadly weapon in each hand for double the firepower [is a] staple of Max Payne’s gunplay repertoire and a signature element of action in the series along Bullet Time and Shootdodge since the very beginning,”

“In Max Payne 3, the tradition continues and evolves with Max able to dual wield combinations of single-handed weapons, for lethal and versatile pairings of traditional pistols, revolvers and even submachine guns.”

Those quote are a precursor to the images you are about to have gouge your eyes out in awesomeness. I actually don’t know how i’m writing this article right now, but the latest screenshots released by Rockstar Games for Max Payne 3 highlight the great art of Dual Wielding. It is absolutely a staple in the franchise, and it remains one in this game. Check out the screenshots below and get ready for next months release of Max Payne 3 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Source – Games Radar


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