PC Gamers who have been waiting for some of these games to drop down and price and uses the Direct2Drive store, you can rejoice a little! Starting today, you will be able to pick up some notable Activision games for 50% off their usual price. This includes games like Blur, Singularity and Transformers: War for Cybertron. Also, apart of their 30 days of deals, you can catch the last two games that are being discounted. This includes todays deal with RIFT (Standard Edition) for $29.95 and Two Worlds 2 for 50% off tomorrow. I’ve always enjoyed these deals that sites like Steam and Direct 2 Drive have, because as we all know, todays gamer is NOT rich. To keep up with the standard for gaming on PC alone cost you a crapload of money in upgrades and sometimes resulting in needing a completely new rig. Glad to see you can pick up some of these games for a reasonable price! Don’t miss out on these deals as it ends in early May.


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