Blizzard has added a totally revamped version of an auction house into their newest title Diablo 3. What this means is that if you want you can sell whatever item you please and make actual money off of it. “There has to be a catch.” you say. Well you’d be accurate for assuming so, each item you list comes with a fixed listing fee as well as when the item is sold. The former is done specifically so people can’t just flood the market with random useless junk, so when you plan on listing your level 5 cloth helmet for $30, think twice.

This is one of a few options you’re given, if you like you may use the funds on Blizzards website to buy whatever you choose. Or you can filter the money through an unnamed third party service to do with what you please, however there will be a percentage taken out. The choices are yours to make ultimately, this is a different take on an in-game auction house and I can’t wait to see how it pans out. Grab a look at some in-game footage below.



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