Capcom released a fact sheet for Resident Evil 6 today that gives us details to what the hell is going on in the game! Starting off with the location we see Chris Redfield drop into being in a fictional town called Lanshiang located in China, also we now know that the game takes place in 2013. We already know two of the big characters that will play apart in the story for Resident Evil 6 with Chris and Leon leading the field, but who are these other people we haven’t met yet!? Along with Chris and Leon, Helena Harper who is also a government agent like Leon Kennedy. Ingrid Hunnigan who if you haven’t played RE4, has worked with Leon for quite a while and is a member of Field Operations Support. Lets not forget the President Adam Benford…who we see is now…you know…dead. He hired Leon after the Raccoon City incident. Finally, the guy with the golden blood. We don’t know the guys name, no one does but…him…but he has something important in him and we won’t be fully introduced until later.

We also know that the Zombies are back to be killed off by our gun-toting leads but with the addition of a new kind of enemy named J’avo. Its named by the BSAA after the Serbian word for “Demon”. The thing that is so scary about this enemy, it still has some human elements attached with it. It can understand speech, work in groups and use weapons…IT CAN USE FREAKING WEAPONS! Also, the thing can and WILL regenerate and mutate affected body parts. So pretty much, Capcom has given us an enemy to just say “WE’RE F**KED” when we see it. Along with the redesigned control system that allows players to move and shoot as well as slide and roll while shooting. Enhanced melee attacks and the ability to take cover, we’re looking at a pretty solid game so far. Resident Evil 6 gives you nightmares this holiday season, November 20th for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Editors Note: Some of this information might have been been known already but is being confirmed by Capcom through their fact sheet.


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