Holy Details Batman, more details have been released about the multi-player in Mass Effect 3. There are also two screenshots that we’ve been able to recover and a video interview about the Mass Effect 3 multi-player. It’s a Mass Effect 3 day, let’s get to it! First off, StickSkills has summed up some of the details released about multi-player, you might want to put your thinking caps on for this one.

– The multiplayer experience boils down to a four player co-op survival style mode that lets you fight increasingly difficult waves of Cerberus foes.

– The enemies you’ll encounter can range from your most basic foot soldier to “assassin-like Phantoms and even the hulking metal titan-esque Atlas mechs.”

– Each “stage” allows you to go up against eleven waves that must be finished in order to complete that section. The mode reminds quite a few of Gears of War’s horde mode, allowing you to net experience points regardless if you finish the wave alive or not.

– The “Galaxy at War” mode gives you a reward system, character-progression suite, and a “stake in the larger battle that’s taking place in your single-player campaign.
“The more you play and build up your multiplayer characters to survive increasingly tough odds, the more power and influence your single-player Shepard will wield by the time the endgame comes based on the amount of War Assets earned.”

– If you’re one of those gamers that loves to complete every piece of a game, then you’re in luck. By doing enough in the singleplayer campaign, you will be able to earn enough War Assets, you won’t have to participate in the “galactic war.”

– As you complete each area or defend newly freed areas, your progress will be detailed on a color-coded map that you’ll be able to view while you’re in the game or a few other platforms. iOS devices, Facebook, and more will allow these to be viewable and have their own “unique hooks” into the Galaxy at War mode.

– Each class will allow you to possess “specific abilities” as well as the ability to upgrade a few. Krogan soldiers were described as being able to use a charge attack to knock down enemies, along with Soldiers being able to use the Omni-blade for a few rather lethal attacks. For those wondering, you’ll also be able to choose your gender when choosing any class.

– Along with killing your enemies, mission objectives will be sprinkled here and there. Retrieving data packets around the map and protecting an ally while they hack a series of terminals were a few of the described mission objectives.

Some of these details have to be new but the full list is available here. The one thing that stands out to me on this list, Is that it sounds like a version of Horde Mode built for Mass Effect 3. Which is pretty cool being that a lot of games are starting to do some type of horde mode, however this one will affect the games ending. Next, It’s all about seeing how this new mode will work in Mass Effect 3…too bad you won’t see that yet, but we do have screenshots!

As you can see, we have the ability to use different species during Galaxy at War mode, which is also tied to multi-player. It looks like its going to be a ton of fun or frustration depending on the people you have playing with you. We’ve heard of how you can still get the “optimal” ending even without playing through the Galaxy At War Mode, we’ve also heard that playing through it will help you get a certain ending you might want. CONFUSING, but we’ll move on and hope this video interview via, the Bioware Pulse will help us understand a little better.

During that video, you could see a lot of new footage, as well as some other screenshots that were only available through that video. While we have a better understanding now, multi-player will enhance your single player play-through. Much like last game if you didn’t upgrade your ship enough or didn’t do certain loyalty missions, you would lose people in the last mission. While this all looks fantastic, we still have to wait until March 6th 2012 to play this game which is available for PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360.

Source – Games Radar, Game Rant, VG 24/7 and Bioware


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