Dead Rising 2 fans will have something to celebrate once Off The Record is released. The downloadable story will feature a Sandbox Mode that will allow players to roam Fortune City’s many areas, including restaurants, shops, vending machines and the Uranus Zone. You will also be able to take on different challenges that will give you different rewards. You will have unlimited time in sandbox mode (as you should have) and are free to just beat the hell out of zombies all you want. Off The Record comes out October 11th for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. Here are some Screenshots and a Video showing off the mode!

Also, when Off the Record is released, you will have the option to download 4 new costumes for Frank West! Each costume has a different advantage, Cyborg Frank gives you the ability to stun zombies with an electrical attack. Firefighter Frank gives the ability for survivors to run faster while following Frank. BBQ Frank will have the ability to add extra firepower to condiments and adds a boost to explosives. Warrior Frank will give you 25% extra PP after every attack along with the an extra combo with a practice sword. So far the plan is to release these in Japan individually for 160 MSP but nothing announced for an US release yet.


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