After seeing that wonderful teaser to Dead Island back in February you might say I went from.. Ahem… six to midnight with excitement. Now they’ve given us 11 minutes of actual gameplay footage. “Liar!”, you say? Well, lucky for you, we actually have the video in all its bloody, limb-removing glory.

At first sight I was immediately reminded of Far Cry 2 and Borderlands, regarding the level system (take that for what you will), with the idea of tracking down other people and completing missions for each “leader” assigned to their respective area.

I really like that they’re limiting guns and ammo across the island, it’ll give that feeling of helplessness when you’re being rushed by 10 zombies while defending yourself with baseball bat.

The “bosses” I think, are a great addition, it’ll change up the pace of wrecking the undead and actually require you to use your wits to bring down this special ghoul. Enough of my thoughts, watch the video and let us know how you feel about what you’ve seen so far!

Dead Island is scheduled for an August 2, 2011 release date.



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