Cover Athlete and Trailer Revealed For Madden NFL 18


Today is a great day to be a Madden NFL fan as EA Sports announced this years cover guy and released a trailer to get you hyped a bit.

Over the years, a new guy is selected to grace the cover of Madden NFL 18. For a few years it was up to us who made the cover when it came down to vote. However, EA saw the error in that method and has gone back to picking the cover athlete themselves. This year, it’s no surprise that New England Patriots QB and Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady was picked this year. Coming off a year where in Super Bowl LI his team was down BIG and in the end he pulled out what can only be called a MIRACLE to upset the Falcons.

Boxshot Wizard file used for creating global boxshots

That’s not the only thing as EA Sports released a trailer that shows a peak of what Madden NFL 18 will look like NOW on the Frostbite engine. Just like FIFA and quite possibly the next NBA Live  and NHL, every Sports game under the EA Banner will soon use the engine that was created for another popular EA game, Battlefield.

Moving on, Madden NFL 18 will be released on August 25th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One!


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