Remember those years ago when they released Counter-Strike for the Xbox and spending all those nights gam.. Oh you played the PC version of it… Hm, awkward…If most of you are still reading this, I come bearing gifts. Below we have the first official trailer for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and just watching it is bringing back those grand memories. But first we learn a bit about the newest installment in Counter-Strike world.

Kotaku got to spend some time with the game recently and they’ve confirmed a few tidbits. CS:GO will introduce a “Casual Mode” for the newer players, what this means is that in between rounds you can buy whatever weapons you’d like without worrying about how much money you’ve earned, the entire match will have open-voice chat and you’ll be able to spectate the enemy team. Don’t worry I know there are a lot of you veteran Counter-Strike players out there, this is just for the people who are new to the game or prefer the more casual environment.

Next we have the standard “Competitive Mode” which brings back well, the competitiveness. In this mode you’ll have to earn your money through kills, bomb plants, defusing the bomb, etc. It also drops the round time from three minutes to two minutes, cuts the spectating of the your enemies, and limits voice chat to your team only. This basically drops everything from the Causal Mode and brings back the game everyone remembers. Don’t take that the wrong way I think it’s a great idea to introduce a more “friendly mode” to get the newer players in before they make the jump to the more competitive area’s of the game.

One cool feature is the cross-platform play which is confirmed below (similar to Portal 2) between the Playstation 3, PC and Mac (Sorry Xbox 360). The PS3 will be fully capable of using a keyboard and mouse as well as the Playstation Move if you choose to do so, using the keyboard/mouse should definitely even the playing field against those more skilled on the PC. The game is being shown off at trade shows including PAX Prime this weekend, so check back here for any more news coming from the show.

Here is a list of confirmed weapons and maps so far:
Decoy Grenade
IMI Negev

Classic Maps:

Click below and check out the trailer for yourself.

Look for CS:GO to release next year.


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