The Mass Effect trilogy has pulled in an audience and took them for a wild ride against the reapers. With Mass Effect 3, we’re looking at the end of Commander Shepard’s story and possibly the beginning of a new hero in the Mass Effect universe. During Comic-Con this year, a lot of people (Including Us) got a chance to get our hands on the E3 Demo of Mass Effect 3 and see how this game compares to Mass Effect 2 so far. Here is our hands on impressions of Mass Effect 3 coming out next year for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC.

When we saw Mass Effect 3 at E3 this year, it looked amazing. The new engine shines and seeing it in person impressed me more. Character models look great and the lighting is nothing short of what it should be on Mass Effect. It brings the cinematic value up a notch. I could sit here and talk about how great the game looks forever, but I need to move on to whats really important…How the game plays. In Mass Effect, the cover system was pretty much you running into a wall and taking cover and possibly not staying there for long if you made one wrong move. Mass Effect 2, you hit “A” or “X” or “Space” and you went into cover with a slight glitch that made you vault out of cover if you hit the button too much. In Mass Effect 3, you still have the same cover system from ME2, but this time you can transfer from cover to cover.

Another thing you’ll notice, depending on your class (There were only 3 available) your Omni Blade will have a different ability. I played as the Sentinel and instead of having one blade, I had two that I thrust forward to kill my enemies and with the Adept, you blast enemies with your omni power. There is one enemy in the demo I played that was immune to the Omni Blades. They carry a riot shield around and it’s able to block your attempts at using the Omni Blade. The demo lasted (depending on skill) about 20-30 minutes but I took a lot tissues away from the experience. Mass Effect 3 lands in stores March 6th 2012, which makes the wait so much more harder than it already is!


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