I believe it was about a week ago now since I gave an update that I would start reviewing some of the games I get this year. I’m still going to do that, but the games have changed…atleast for this month. I was going to try to get Fallout 3 and Fifa 09 this month..and I ended up changing my mind on Fallout 3 and getting NBA 2k9 instead. So the outlook will be NBA 2K9 (10/07/2008) and Fifa 09 (10/14/2008), and you can expect the reviews for both 3-4 days after their release date.

In other news, I have a boner…not really but I will be updating the Anime Video Of The Week Page Shortly after posting this and shortly after I find another Anime Vid on YouTube to put on that page, so look out for it. Thats all I got right now, hope you continue coming to the blog to read and watch my insanity lol.

OH! on a sidenote. I know this plugin I have to post a tweet when I post a new blog double posts, so i’m going to try and fix that before I go insane with masturbation…or maybe not.


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