Back when the big info leak happened on Modern Warfare 3 happened, there was a second part to that called Call Of Duty Elite. Information on this mysterious thing had not been released and the speculation over what it was started immediately. Today, all of your worries can be put to rest as Activision have unleashed detailed information on the new Call Of Duty Elite service that will accompany Modern Warfare 3.

Call of Duty Elite which was developed by Activision’s new studio Beachhead Studios, will be similar to what Bungie has for the Halo franchise. A free service with some features requiring a paid subscription to the service. It’s going to offer community interaction and innovation, and if you’re wondering what I mean by innovation check this out. Call Of Duty Elite will have two way communication between the service and the game, so any changes you make through mobile or web can and will change your in-game experience. That sounds like a pretty good idea, but it also sounds like something EA did with Madden Online Franchise.

There are three ways that this service brings community interaction to you, the Call of Duty player through this new service, Connect, Compete and Improve.

Connect : Call of Duty Elite gives players unprecedented control over their multiplayer experience, transforming it into a true social network. Players can compete against friends, players of similar skill levels and players with similar interests, join groups, join clans, and play in organised tournaments. They can also track the performance, progress and activity of their entire network, both in the game itself, as well as through mobile and web interfaces. Elite will be an “always on” way for players to connect with the Call of Duty community.

Compete: Call of Duty Elite establishes the most exciting, competitive environment in a multiplayer game. Players will have available a constant stream of events and competitions, tiered to group them with those with similar abilities . Both in-game and real-world prizes will be rewarded to all skill levels.

Improve: Call of Duty Elite is like having a personal online coach. It provides players with a dynamic strategy guide that tracks their statistics and performances down to the most minute details. It can show gamers how they stack up against their friends or others in the community. Tools and information are provided so players can learn and up their game.
Carrying forward to future Call of Duty games, Elite will chronicle a player’s gameplay history in a cohesive career record, keeping track of every kill, every game and progress.

This all sounds good, but I need to see it in action…oh wait I CAN. A beta will be held for the new service sometime next month and you can sign up for it now at Modern Warfare 3 will have the service launch along side it November 8.

UPDATE: We’ve added a trailer to this article that visually shows you what the new Elite service is about, with a little surprise at the end.


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