If you’re one of the lucky players that still have Brink, the wait for more DLC is about to pay off. The new “Agents of Change” DLC hits Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC August 3rd. The new DLC will raise the level cap to 24 and give players more customization options as well as more weapons to use during gameplay. Here is a quick Synopsis of the newest DLC coming out:

Secrets, lies, and double agents. No one and nothing is at it seems as the arrival of a mysterious ship from the outside world shatters the tentative peace reached between the Resistance and Security factions. The revived battle spreads to two all-new districts of the Ark Ė the futuristic, underwater Labs facility and Foundersí Tower, the iconic spire housing the islandís wealthy elite.

Once again, August 3rd the DLC hits PS3, 360 and PC and will be free for the first two weeks and might be 800-1200 MSP afterwards.


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