Yes, we have the newest trailer to Green Lantern and I personally like it. Yup I like it.

We see Parallax, Oa, Hector Hammond, Hector Hammond being sucked dry by Parallax and all you might want in this trailer. I love the build up and think it’s sequenced perfectly.

Now I know their are a lot of people who for lack of a better phrase.. dislike it. Aside from the cgi suit, pink Piccolo, Ryan Reynolds crazy eyes and whatever else you may “dislike” about it, it looks fun. Some of you might say that it being a “fun” movie may be a cop out depending on if it delivers or not, I’m not going to sit here and feed you guys BS on why not to hate it because I honestly don’t know a lot about the comics. I do know the basics though, and from what I’ve seen in both comics and film, it looks relatively similar.

Get your tickets now, we’ll be seeing Green Lantern hitting theaters June 17th.

Now excuse me while I go do sit-ups for a few hours … thanks Ryan Reynolds.



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