It’s the 40’s, sexy time is all the time and the clubs and music are booming. Not only that, but crime is also at an all-time high. Women are being told to get back in the kitchen with the stab of a knife or shot of a gun. Hit and runs aren’t what they always seem and I for one…WANT TO GET TO THE BOTTOM OF IT! Atleast the main character, Cole Phelps of L.A. Noire does. This game brings this dangerous time period of L.A. to life in stunning fashion. With the technology they’ve used and the way 1940’s L.A. looks, this game is a shoe in for Game of the Year right? We’ll see in this review for L.A. Noire!

1 Player
Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3
Price: $59.99
Genre: Crime/Adventure
Developer: Team Bondi
Publisher: Rockstar

The Good

Graphics: This game looks amazing. I don’t usually say that so you know this game HAS to look good. There are many games out there that try to capture the time period to a science, they usually fall short. Rockstar and Team Bondi have done that, the cars, buildings and even player models and 40’s clothing look great. If I give one thing to Rockstar, they know how to pay attention to detail, and it shows in L.A. Noire.

Technology: The tech behind this game is the same tech they used for movies like “Avatar”, you know, with the blue alien things. The actors expressions were captured and rendered onto those creatures faces. In L.A. Noire, the technology works perfectly for the type of game this is. Being able to tell if someone is lying or telling the truth just by looking at their facial expression, is one of the greatest things that could ever happen in a video game PERIOD.

Story: The Story of Cole Phelps is one that I have enjoyed playing through. Its well done, and having the flashbacks from his old war days as well as the newspaper pieces come together nicely. Plus the acting is on par with any B movie out there, no wonder it was selected to the Tribeca Film Festival

Controls: They’re simple and easy to pickup. There’s not a lot to the game other than your basic run after that guy and shoot at this guy. Everything is mapped out well so you won’t find yourself second guessing what button to hit for an action.

The Bad

Can be Linear: At the beginning of the story, you can’t really get anything wrong without having to start over. While this somewhat loosens up after the patrol part, you will somewhat encounter it throughout other missions. I was hoping for a lot more open ended questioning as well, or options to be good cop or bad cop.

Driving: Driving in this game…is like i’m playing an old Need For Speed game. I understand this is the 40’s, but COME ON! They had to have some kind of wheel or something that stops cars from looking like they’re sliding on ice.

The Ugly

The Decision
L.A. Noire is the closest to CSI in the 40’s as you’re going to get, the music, setting, and story all make this game buzz worthy. What also helps this game is the amount of detail and the technology behind it. Graphically this game looks great, but you might get blindsided by the unrealistic car mechanics. The Story is a good one and you’ll have plenty of time to sit down and get caught up in the story. I wish this game had more open-ended questions to ask and gave you more headway to determine the outcome of the case, but it’ll do for now. Go out and buy this game if you’re into the crime drama types.


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