Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has officially kicked off the holiday season FPS battle between itself and Battlefield 3. Modern Warfare 3 looks to bring the casual gamer in with the introduction of “Point Streaks” and looks to keep the hardcore fan base Infinity Ward built with a good story and addictive Multi-Player. Taking place immediately after the events of Modern Warfare 2, you’re thrown into the search of Makarov with one goal in mind, kill him. Will that be enough to push Modern Warfare 3 to GOTY or can we just wait until Call Of Duty: Ukraine missile Crisis comes out? Here’s our review.


Graphics: They’re not bad, they’re still pretty good to be honest. Environments look crisp, along with gun models and player models. Like with Halo 3: ODST, the engine will show its age but its not that noticeable and doesn’t happen often.

Multi-Player: Yes, I enjoy multi-player. With the additions of modes like Kill Confirmed and Team Defender, it brings a new excitement to the Call Of Duty Franchise. Multi-Player also brings in a new thing to the franchise called Prestige Shop. If you prestige at any point in Black Ops, Modern Warfare or Modern Warfare 3, you get tokens to buy little things from the shop like an extra custom class or double XP for 2 hours. Of course multi-player will have its moments where you feel the game is just giving the other team points, but you’ll work past it…unless your Associate Editor Brent Thompson. He swears a lot at this game…just sayin’.

Spec-Ops Mode: It’s back and requires more teamwork while doing co-op! What I like about this mode now is the Horde Mode feel to it. You can upgrade your weapons and put down things to counter the enemy coming after you. I wouldn’t suggest going through this mode (while it offers that option) alone, but if you want to be a Rambo and go it alone, why not right? It’s a fun mode to play with someone else, my only issue is that I wish it was more than 2 players. Maybe a team of 4 in the future?


Story: While the story in this game had its share of “WOW” moments, it was just boring after a while. The story tries to rely too much on shock value and not too much on telling a story like in Call Of Duty 4. The story to this game probably should have been finished in a day tops, but at some points I would lose interest in even progressing the story. Yes, I eventually would finish the story in this game, but it just wasn’t as good as the last 2 games.

Point Streaks: Modern Warfare 3 is the death of the kill streak and birth or retooling I should say of the now known as Point Streak. No longer do you have to get a certain amount of kills to get a streak, but now you can capture a flag or better yet, get a ton of assists. The reason I don’t like this because it takes SKILL out of the equation, you no longer have to be “GOOD” at this game to earn a streak. I think the game would be a better experience for me and possibly many others if this was NOT implemented in Modern Warfare 3.

I don’t think it really matters what I’ve said in this review because I’m pretty sure you’re going out to buy this game off of the Call Of Duty name alone. However, that statement is offset by saying that if you are a hardcore Call of Duty player, pick this game up. Story has its twists but after you finish it you’ll forget most of what happened during play. Multi-Player is still as addictive as always and with some new modes to the franchise and some extra points for prestige shop, you’ll find yourself playing this until the next game comes out. Pick this up if you’re a fan, if you are new to the franchise, I’d say wait until this lowers in price and pick it up.


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