Battlefield 3 is quite possibly, one of the most anticipated games next to its competitor Modern Warfare 3. The new installment in the Battlefield franchise packs a new engine in Frostbite 2 which delivers more destruction and graphical power than you can shake a stick at. Battlefield 3 also brings its ever popular multi-player back in a way that only DICE can. Will the story and multi-player hold up and boost Battlefield 3 into a strong lead over Modern Warfare 3 or has DICE been away from the modern military shooter for too long.

Battlefield 3
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: EA Digital Illusions CE
ESRB: M – Mature
Price: $59.99
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

The Good:
Graphics – Battlefield 3 looks fantastic running on the new Frostbite 2 engine. The lighting and shadows are great as well at player models during cut scenes and gameplay. There are some points where you might see a tiny issue with graphics, but it’s not that often and the game holds up very well.

Gameplay – Guns shoot, bullets hit, player dies. Okay no one is going for that so let me explain myself. I’ve had no issues with the gameplay on Battlefield 3, the game runs smoothly and there aren’t any lag issues between input and action. From beta to final build, it seems they’ve fixed the issues people encountered and sped up the knifing in the game.

The Middle:
Multi-Player – While the multi-player experience is fun and all out better than some other games we won’t speak about, there is always the issue of EA’s servers. Again, I enjoy playing the multi-player in this game, the popular Rush and Conquest modes are back with Team Deathmatch making its first appearance in the game. Team Deathmatch, which is better on this game than on other games I’ve played recently. You rarely come across a player during Team Deathmatch that pulls a “Call Of Duty” and grenade launches the whole match or RPG’s the whole match, there is always constant movement during these matches.

However, the down side of multi-player, and it always comes down to servers and stability. Trying to create a squad to run through different game modes in and only 3 of 4 making it into a match from the “Quick Match” option is pretty bad in my opinion. There’s also the occasional lag spikes that hit you during certain matches of Rush or Conquest. I also had problems joining matches on my own where it would show a black screen and immediately send me back to the main menu. These are things that EA needs to fix when it comes to their multi-player heavy games like Battlefield.

Story – First off, I like the Story to Battlefield 3. Some people felt it was boring, but I felt it did its job, it gave you high impact moments mixed with some pretty decent story telling. The other side of this is that it also had up and down moments. Quite possibly more down moments than up, one of those down moments being the “Going Hunting” Mission. Without giving away too much, it’s a jet mission and quite possibly one of the most boring missions during campaign. However, Missions like “Semper Fidelis”, “Operation Swordbreaker”, “Operation Guillotine” and “Comrades” are a big upside for this story because they pack so much action and intense scenarios that it keeps you in the story right when you think you’re done with it.

Co-Op – A great addition that puts you in different scenarios and you earn some pretty cool guns for use in multi-player. However, I really wish this wasn’t a separate mode with different missions for two people to go through. I wish it was something that was apart of story mode and maybe changed the story a bit because of it.

The Bad:
Teammate A.I. – These guys can fall off the idiot train sometimes. By that I mean, there are times where they will get in the way and while they don’t die from being shot by you, its annoying to see “Friendly Fire Will Not Be Tolerated” show up on your screen when you had a clear shot that your teammate ruined by walking in front of you. It’s not just that, sometimes they just won’t take the lead and progress the squad unless you run out there and get shot up by 50 enemies.

EA Servers – I don’t know why EA has major issues with keeping servers stable, but they do. They are one of the few companies that has a troublesome launch day for a big multi-player game, even after they’ve had a beta test for it. There is no reason that I should or anyone should be hit by LAG mid match and kicked from it when it’s not their fault. Either EA needs to put more money in their budget for upkeep/upgrade of their servers or just abandon doing any multi-player heavy games until they can figure out a stable server plan.

The Verdict:
Battlefield 3 is a great game with a lot going for it. The story, while I felt it was a pretty decent story, can drag at times. Multi-Player is what DICE is good at and they deliver a great multi-player experience with Battlefield 3. Modern Warfare 3 might outsell Battlefield, but Battlefield 3 is a pretty solid game and its going to be hard to beat this installment in the franchise. It’s worth a buy and you should get it…now…like go!



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