As one of the few who enjoyed the Battlefield 3 beta, I can say that I’m ridiculously excited and more than ready to play the final product. To my liking, more and more Battlefield info is being released. The first bit of information being four multiplayer maps, one of them being a newly revealed map dubbed Damavand Peak, which you can view here along with brief descriptions of the rest.

The second batch being a new trailer showcasing various vehicles on several maps including one we all know and love, Operation Metro. I’m curious to see how much of a change in gameplay the vehicles will cause, considering it’s a relatively small map. But I guess that goes with the saying, the more the merrier? I’ll allow it.

Part two of the reveal for the final multiplayer maps has been detailed, you can check them out here.

Below is the complete list of multiplayer maps shipping with the game (not including the free Back to Karkand DLC for those who pre-order):

Caspian Border
Damavand Peak
Grand Bazaar
Kharg Island
Noshahar Canals
Operation Firestorm
Operation Métro
Seine Crossing
Tehran Highway


Source: Battleblog


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