While all of us here at The Indy Source have been eagerly awaiting the release of the “Back To Karkand” expansion that DICE announced for Battlefield 3, we finally have some more information on what we’ll see in this expansion. By the way, if you purchased the “Limited Edition” copy of Battlefield 3, you get free access to this pack when it comes out. Back to the info, first off we finally know that in December, the Back to Karkand pack will be released. There’s no specific date in December announced, but we now know it will come out in December. Secondly, here is what it comes with:

  • – Five new dog tags.
    – Five new achievements/trophies.
    – Three new vehicles (DPV, BTR-90, F-35B STOVL jet fighter).
    – 10 iconic Battlefield weapons
    – A new persistence system where players complete assignments to earn their rewards.
  • Along with that stuff, we’re also treated to 4 maps remastered for Frostbite 2. We have screenshots of the intense action going on the “Strike at Karkand” map.

    Our review of Battlefield 3 will be up within the next day, but until then enjoy those screenshots and head to your local retailer and pick up a copy of Battlefield 3!

    Source – Game Rant


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