Today Ubisoft has officially stated that Revelations will be the sequel to Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood.

We’ll be following Ezio Auditore to Constantinople as he attempts to bring mysteries to light with hope of unraveling the conflict between the Assassins and Templars. Along with the story we’ll also be seeing a familiar mode from AC: Brotherhood, multiplayer. Being this is the second game in the franchise to offer this, we should be seeing some much needed tweaks to separate itself from Brotherhoods multiplayer flaws. I would personally LOVE to see a mode pitting Assassins and Templars against one another; maybe drawing inspiration from the early Splinter Cell games (Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory) similar to the Spies vs Mercs multiplayer mode. It’s been said we’ll be seeing “more modes, more characters and more maps” from what has been said with the announcement.

Revelations is being called the “final chapter” in this great trilogy and is currently slated for a November release date. With E3 only a month away we can expect to see updates very soon.

Below we see the first official image featuring Ezio sporting his newest toy; the “hook blade”.


Source: IGN



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