2k_sports_logoWe all remember the popular NFL 2K series from 2K sports. Before EA swooped in and got an exlusive license. These very low priced games at 20bucks a piece not only were affordable for Sports gamers, but out shined the 20 dollar price to a point that it felt like we, the gamer, were getting a steal when we bought this. Last time 2K put out an NFL 2k game was NFL 2K5, it had introduced V.I.P System as well as Online Leagues. All the things EA Sports can thank the guys at 2K for coming up with, atleast the Leagues part. Well, in a turn of events to open back up competition with 2K Sports, EA has let hold of its grip on the exlusive License and 2K has announced that they will be releasing NFL 2K10! Click the Jump to find out MORE!

NFL 2K10 has been announced by 2K Sports without a cover athelete yet and April Fools! 😛


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